Agency Policy

Bano live is a social Broadcasting application. We value and respect hosts content. Talent must be presentable and ready before broadcast. Talent must not smoke or consuming alcohol while broadcasting . We advise our talent not to share any of there private contact details on broadcast. We strongly advice talent, s hosts not to engage into any political or religious debates

Hosts/talents must not to be abuse with any user. We understand host/talent may face difficult users at times, we ask you to show professional approach to such users. We want talents to stay at phone camera during their live broadcasting. Talents must not leave phone camera unattended while broadcasting. Bano live users are our assets kindly try keeping them in your broad unless their behaviour is not be bearable.

Bano live expects that talents creates an good friendly environment during their broadcasting. Bnao live keeps the right to block talent account at any time. Reason of such action will be forwarded to their agency.From time to time we will review and amend our rules of working with talents /agency. We will notify you and your agency if there.

We strongly advise talents not to engage directly or indirectly with Bani live users outside this application or privately anyway. You as talent allow us to use your data such has your photo or your streaming video for Bano live promotional purpose. For any reason if you want to talk to Bano live support please do not hesitate contacting on our sportchat which can be found in the application.

Happy working with Bano live.

Talent Payment Policy:

The Talents working for the Talent Recruiter shall be eligible for reward, provided that he/she has 35+ hours

Host level Host target Hours Beans reward (in USD) Basic salary (in USD) Total in (USD) Agency Share
BL-1 100,000 25 5$ 5$ 10$ 1.35$
BL-2 200,000 25 10$ 10$ 20$ 2.07$
BL-3 500,000 25 25$ 25$ 50$ 6.75$
BL-4 1,000,000 25 50$ 50$ 100$ 12$
BL-5 1,500,000 35 75$ 75$ 150$ 15$
BL-6 2,000,000 35 100$ 100$ 200$ 20$
BL-7 4,000,000 35 175$ 175$ 300$ 45$
BL-8 5,000,000 35 200$ 200$ 400$ 45$
BL-9 6,000,000 35 250$ 250$ 500$ 75$
BL-10 10,000,000 45 450$ 450$ 900$ 135$
BL-11 20,000,000 45 900$ 900$ 1,800$ 246$
BL-12 40,000,000 45 1,800$ 1,800$ 3,600$ 492$
BL-13 80,000,000 45 3,600$ 3,600$ 7,200$ 984$

NOTE. 1$ =240 (PAKISTAN)

1$= 87 INR (INDIA)


Terms and Conditions relating to Talents:

  1. Basic terms and conditions of talent payment policy include:

    1. Talent Payment = (Basic Talent Fee + coins sharing)

    2. Basic Talent Fee is based on the Beans earnings as per above table.

    3. Coins sharing is based on the current balance of coins shown in the Talent’s profile in Bano live.

    4. Talent shall be eligible, only if, he/she satisfies at least 35 hours Provided that a day with at least one hour of consecutive streaming by the Talent shall be reckoned as a valid day for that respective Talent.

    5. 20,000 coinss shall be equal to USD 1/-.

    6. Bonus offers, communicated from time to time, shall be separate from this Agreement.

    7. If the talent receives salary via Talent recruiter firm then talent recruiting firm is entitled to detuct charges applicable on a bank transaction according to the rules of the Epay+skrill+payoneer.

  2. Video Streaming:The hours spent on streaming shall only be counted for payment, voice streaming on “Multi-broad” shall not be included in the eligibility criteria payment.

  3. An Hour:The streaming hours of Talent shall be determined exclusively as per the systematic calculations within the Bano live App, and the Talent Recruiter and/or the Talent waives its right to make any claim of recalculations and the systematics calculations with the Bano live App shall be construed as final and binding.

  4. Eligibility for Basic Talent Fee:Each Talent shall be eligible for basic Talent Fee as per the calculations in the Talent Payment Chart in Clause 4.3, sub-clause (b)

  5. Payment: Talent Fee shall be paid to the Talent Recruiter in 10 – 15 working days of each cycle, subject to smooth functioning of Bano live business.

  6. To Join:Talent Recruitment Firm: A talent must have a valid Talent Recruitment Firm code to be eligible for payment.

  7. Calculation of income/reward:Only coins received as paid gifts from users shall be calculated towards the talent’s income/ reward. The gifts, sent as “Points”, shall not be included in calculating remuneration/reward of talents

  8. ID usage:Talent must use his/her ID himself/herself. He/she shall not be eligible for any kind of payment, if, anyone other than the Talent is caught using his/her Bano live ID. The violation of this obligation may also result in the Talent being removed from the firm code.

  9. Multiple IDs:Each Talent must use only one ID for live stream. If a Talent is using more than one ID, he/she shall not be eligible for any Talent Fee for the month. In such circumstances, the Talent Recruiter with the original ID (firstly enrolled) shall only be entitled for Talent Recruiter Rewards and no reward shall be given to any Talent Recruiter for other ID(s) of the same Talent.

  10. Streaming Platform:The Talents employed by the Talent Recruiter shall only use Bano live App as live broadcasting platform in accordance with the terms of Bano live policy available at [insert URL]. In case, any talent is found broadcasting on any other social media platform, which is considered as the competitor of Bano live App, in the sole opinion of WCTL, he/she shall not be eligible for basic Talent Fee for that respective month and only Beans reward share will be given to that Talent.

  11. Change of Talent Recruiter:If any Talent wishes to change his/her Talent Recruiter, he/she must record a valid reason, in writing, to request for change of the Talent Recruiter. If WCTL considers the request to be authentic, only then the Talent shall be allowed to change his/her Talent Recruiter without paying transfer fee.

  12. Transfer Fee:If WCTL rejects the reasons recorded by the Talent, in his/her request for change of Talent Recruiter, the Talent shall have to pay a transfer fee in orde r to change his/her Talent Recruitment Firm. The transfer fee shall be as per the table below:

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