BD policy

  • BD should be aware of new market opportunities, possibilities for expansion, competition development and current source of the company's revenue.

  • Sales and Target

  • Sales personnel focus on a particular market or a particular (set of) Admin (s), often for a targeted revenue in this case, business development assesses the global market and concludes that sales worth minimum 600 crore can be achieved in one month. And new admin minimum 500 paid(300$) agencies hired in bano live app.

  • Must be hired 10 top up agents with 2500 dollar top up deposit amount.


    600cr 2700$
    900cr 3500$
    1500cr 5000$

    This Admin Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and entered into as of 03- 12- 2022, by and between.

    Westcombe Technologies Ltd as Bano Live. (Reg #11578662), operating from UK,

    Authorized representative of the company to execute this Agreement (hereinafter referred as (“WCTL”, which expression shall mean and include its successors-in-interest and permitted assigns) of the FIRST PART.

    AND ----------------------------

    , of CNIC resident of, ----------------------------

    which shall include his legal heirs, successors and assigns (hereinafter referred as “Talent Recruiter”, which expression shall mean and include its successors-ininterest, legal heirs and permitted assigns), of the SECOND PART. WHEREAS

    1. WCTL has exclusive intellectual proprietary rights vested in the smartphone software Application in the name and style of “Bano live” and is desirous to augment its software application through hiring the services of talent recruiters.

    2. Talent Recruiter is an independent, legal or natural person, who hereby represents and warrants that it has the necessary skill, knowledge, resources, knowledge and capacity to provide WCTL with the Services (as more fully described herein) which shall include but is not limited to hunt and recruit talent to populate, promote and use the software application, subject to the terms and conditions defined in this Agreement

    3. In reliance of the representations and warranties of the Talent Recruiter ,WCTL wishes to appoint the Talent Recruiter, as an independent third-party contractor, for the provision of the Services subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement


    Bano live is a social Broadcasting application. We value and respect hosts content. Talent must be presentable and ready before broadcast.
    Talent must not smoke or consuming alcohol while broadcasting.
    We advise our talent not to share any of their private contact details on broadcast.
    We strongly advice talents, hosts not to engage into any political or religious debates.
    Hosts/talents must not to be abuse with any user.
    We understand host/talent may face difficult users at times, we ask you to show professional approach to such users.
    We want talents to stay at phone camera during their live broadcasting.
    Talents must not leave phone camera unattended while broadcasting.Bano live users are our assets kindly try keeping them in your broad unless their behavior is not be bearable.
    Bano live expects that talents creates a good friendly environment during their broadcasting.
    Bano live keeps the right to block talent account at any time.
    Reason of such action will be forwarded to their agency. From time to time we will review and amend our rules of working with talents /agency. We will notify you and your agency if there.
    We strongly advise talents not to engage directly or indirectly with Bano live users outside this application or privately anyway.
    You as talent allow us to use your data such has your photo or your streaming video for Bano live promotional purpose.
    For any reason if you want to talk to Bano live support please do not hesitate contacting on our sport chat which can be found in the application.

    Terms and Conditions relating to Talents:

    Basic terms and conditions of talent payment policy include:
    1. Talent Payment = (Basic Talent Fee + coins sharing)
    2. Basic Talent Fee is based on the Beans earnings as per above table
    3. Coins sharing is based on the current balance of coins shown in the Talent’s profile in Bano live.
    4. Talent shall be eligible, only if, he/she satisfies at least 35 hours Provided that a day with at least one hour of consecutive streaming by the Talent shall be reckoned as a valid day for that respective Talent.
    5. 20,000 coins shall be equal to USD 1/-.
    6. Bonus offers, communicated from time to time, shall be separate from this Agreement.
    7. If the talent receives salary via Talent recruiter firm then talent recruiting firm is entitled to detect charges applicable on a bank transaction according to the rules of the Epay+skrill+payoneer.

    Good Luck.

    Best Regards.